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Techniques and Tips

The Best Part of Painting?

It’s the materiality—or, for many, that’s at least part of it. The buttery rich feel of oil paint moving across the surface can be a siren song for a painter.Bernard Chaet, a notable artist and Yale University professor, took a keen interest in the physicality of oil painting throughout his career. His book An Artist’s Notebook: Techniques and Materials continues to have relevance for readers today.
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5 Surefire Landscape Painting Techniques

You can often tell a landscape painting that was painted en plein air from one that wasn’t. But what really sets an outdoor painting apart? I went to some of the best plein air artists, instructors, and seasoned painters in the country to see what they think distinguishes a plein air landscape painting, and discovered several pearls of wisdom that I want to share.
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The Artist Life

The Holiday Sweepstakes Is Here!

The holidays are always a special time, but we are here to make them extra special for artists with the Network Annual Holiday Sweepstakes! Its 17 days of prizes from the leading providers of art supplies and services, and all you do is enter the sweepstakes on the day your favorite prize is being rewarded!
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Creativity Inspiration

Art Can Break Your Heart

The dedication page of a book can be an emotional one for a writer. Especially for an author who’s also an artist. It’s the dedication page that signifies the conclusion of a book, and the reflection of all of the hard work that went behind it. It can also be a page that refers to an emotional memory.
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Art History

These Violet Delights

Look back and plan ahead with ultravioletPantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, ultraviolet, is a vivid, deeply saturated purple. According to Pantone, “PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.”Flashback PurpleBut how can one go into the future without honoring the past?
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